Record of a Spaceborn Few – Review

IMG_7278IMG_7280I am exceedingly fortunate, I got to attend a Q&A with Becky Chambers at Waterstones Gower Street. Becky talked about her process and her wayfarers universe. Oh my word he is just as engaging in person as her novels are.   

Record of a Spaceborn Few is the third standalone novel in the Wayfarer universe by Becky Chambers and it might be my favourite installment yet.  The hardback first edition is particularly stunning with the endpaper especially showing Eyas.IMG_7281

The Exodan Fleet has been mentioned in the previous novels but here it gets to take centre stage and Chambers imagines what it would be like to be part of that community and tackles the implications of it from several points of view.  

As with her earlier work. The novel is all about the characters as we learn about what it means to be an Exodan, the traditions that generations of the fleet have built up.  What it means to be a migrant, what it means to be human.  What happens when a culture meets something new and how does it cope.

There is so much in this novel that got to me on a very deep level.  Several points where the emotional content was incredibly profound and intense.  I loved it completely and utterly.  The ideas of community and what home means and the range of responses that that encompasses.  From those that seek it, to those that seek to escape.

I look forward to there being many more novels in this sequence.



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