Nineworlds 2018

pips and lems by V

Me and Lems running the quiz by @SgtAngua_CW

This year was my fifth Nineworlds and I think it was one of the best I’ve attended. For me it started on the Thursday evening with the Quiz that I co-write with my partner @pmsumner and some friends @lemlems and @euclidianboxes.  We were ably assisted on the evening by @boneist and @SgtAngua_CW.  I love running the quiz, its one of only two items going on so we get to see lots of people.

If you are interested in our quiz you can find our questions here and our answers here.

The final scores from the teams were tight.  Prizes were provided by Nineworlds Ents and ourselves.

quiz scores

Final scores


It went well as far as I can tell and the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive.


Amethysts unite

Friday started with a very early breakfast and then I costumed up into my Amethyst costume.  Before heading to the Steven Universe Singalong.  10 am is a bit early for a singalong, I know my voice wasn’t ready but a good time was had.  



Ham panel boneist

Hamilton Panel by @boneist

I then took part in my first panel as a panellist.  The Hamilton Phenomenon with Genevieve Cogman, Russell Smith, Rebecca Bellovin and Emily January.  The panel went mostly okay, there were so many things I wanted to say but didn’t get a chance to which was partly down to me not being assertive enough and partly there was never going to be enough time for everyone to say everything they wanted.  The feedback was that I came across as knowledgeable and I think next year I will put myself forward for more panels. One thing I was not comfortable with was having a panel about Hamilton with only one BAME person. I know that a call was put out for BAME participants but the demographic at NW is overwhelmingly white it was not possible.

Next up was Fit is a Feminist Issue which was a round table discussion about being fit at every size which was a very positive message, but some of the stories that came out were very close to home for me and I found it really tough going and I have been left with the knowledge I need to do some work on being kinder to myself.

Everybody Hates Moral Philosophy was a Good Place talk and it was interesting but I think I would have preferred a  discussion. 

The Disney Sing along was tremendous and if to want to know what catharsis looks like its a stage full of people singing Let it Go.  There is video footage floating around on facebook.

Policy and Administration celebrating the back room in genre was excellent and very well attended.  Because really how can anyone teach at Hogwarts without a PGCE or equivalent? This was very tongue in cheek and lots of fun.

Friday evening was Knightmare live time which was excellent  and lots of fun.  After that there was much talking some plotting and putting the world to rights.  Also we have sorted all the Avengers into their Hogwarts houses with lots of debate.


Takarzuka Genevieve Cogman gave a talk with clips about the Takarzuka company in Japan and it was fascinating talk – because who knew there was a Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney as well as some lovely clips from Elizabeth and Dracula.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child an appreciation panel.  I really enjoyed this as I’ve only recently seen Cursed Child myself and I loved it.  The discussion ranged from very insightful to naive and back again especially when suggesting that the play should be made more available for fans to watch and should be recorded.

Top of the SFF Cops. 3 panelists with a background in law enforcement. They each got to pick two of their favourite fictional cops and build a case for them being effective police officers.  Long story short the best cop won Sam Vimes from Ankh Morpork’s City’s watch 



Swordpunk this was a workshop where I was let loose with a real sword that came up to my chest.  I learnt that I would actually be rubbish at this in a live situation, however, I got to feel like a complete badass for an hour and it was excellent.

Whedon Sing along. Yes Joss Whedon is increasingly problematic.  But the songs from Once More with Feeling and Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog are excellent and there is something joyous about singing with a large group of people.  I did say that the singalongs did feel like geek church and that was nice.

I think that we should re-evaluate whether we should still be venerating Joss Whedon as he has become increasingly problematic to say the least and sing as songs in other sessions were policed it would be good to know that we were treating all sessions the same.


Black Sails Panel

Black sails: an intersectional look at sexuality and queer representation. This was a highlight panel for me.  I met some wonderful people last year at the informal Black Sails meet up and to see there was a panel this year was fantastic.  Moderated really well with some fantastic panelists who were really knew their stuff.  Also this panel included Luke Arnold who plays Silver in the show who was absolutely lovely and though he could have taken over the panel, he didn’t he listened and he offered some real insights without giving away too much.


Luke Arnold

Oh and this happened.


Luke Arnold and me

After that was the Disco and I may have thrown some serious shapes.

Sunday I was broken.  I only made it to two panels.  The first being Fat representation in geek culture 2 which was chaotic but fantastic. We came away with the recommendation of Dietland which I’ve since started watching and OMG YASS I didn’t know I needed that show in my life.  I suggest you watch it too.

The Future of Nineworlds was important,  Nineworlds will be reconstituting and Dan will be relinquishing control.  They are opening up to new people to take over and the post on their website explains everything.


Important thing that happened. I am not really in a position to comment on this but I was in the room and this is accurate.

Nineworlds tries really hard, but it is not perfect.  The organisation wants to do better and they have said they will take this on board and work on it for next year.

I had a very good nine worlds.  I met some wonderful people as I do every year.  I stepped outside of my comfort zone as I took on leading the organising of the quiz, I appeared on my first panel and I played with real swords.  I charged the stage to sing let it go and I got very enthusiastic on the dance floor particularly when Public Service Broadcasting was being played.

My takeaway from nineworlds is to get anything out of nine worlds you have to engage you have to participate and be willing to take some risks.  It is my favourite convention and I hope that it comes back next year and I will be there when it does.

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