What I am Reading and why…

I’ve just checked my goodreads account and I’ve just realised I’ve got like 6 books currently on the go. I’ve gone a bit scattered at the moment. My main joy is reading fiction but I’ve also got an audio book on the go along with several books that could be described as self-help books.

book 1

book 2

The fiction I am reading Peter Newman’s The Seven which is the concluding part to the Vagrant trilogy, its a heavy hardback so its more for reading at home than for reading on the tube, but it appears I’m a huge hypocrite because I’m taking Becky Chambers Record of a Spaceborn Few everywhere with me and reading it whilst trying not to cry from the immense level of feels that I get. I’m also listening to Audible’s new recording of Arabian Nights which I am enjoying when I remember to listen to it…

And then there are the self-help books. I’m reading Susan Calman’s Cheer Up Love:Adventures in Depression with the Crab of Hate because I’ve been having a hard time recently and its been reassuring to read about someone else’s experiences and measure my own against them. Likewise Matt Haig’s Notes on a Nervous Planet because as an ever more anxious person I am always interested in other people’s experiences of it and how they cope.

Then there’s Spark Joy. I am chaos. It follows in my wake, I never feel like I can properly tidy because I can never put everything away. I’ve been reading the first couple of chapters and Yes things need to change and I’m reading this book to see if I think that this might work for me.

I’m not usually quite this scatter gun in my approach to reading but that’s kind of what’s going on at the moment. My brain feels like it needs all these different inputs and I’m kind of wanting to make lots of changes to what’s going on with me and what’s going on around me. And because I have a large amount of Herminone Granger going on inside I start with books.

One that hasn’t made it onto my goodreads list is Geting Things Done by David Allen because I have just been feeling of late that things have been getting away from me and that has to stop. there has to be control and I need to plan rather than react. Reacting to everything is exceedingly tiring. Lets kick some ass instead.

Where are we now?

I am sitting in a half empty shell of a home at the threshold of a new year with a sense of wonder as to how everything changed in the last 12 months. I have learned such a lot and have done so much that I didn’t even know I was capable of.  

I am struggling to put anything into words, I am typing and deleting constantly to try and find the expression to sum up the seismic changes my life is going through. So yes, let’s start with the small things. I have quietly been taking back control of me. I have made my body be more active and I have seen some exciting results.  I have learnt to run and have run 5km a few times.  Other stuff has got in the way the past month and a half but I did it and now that I know I can it will be much easier to do it again and again and better myself. Continue reading

Here we go again.

Things have been rather busy the last couple of months.  My partner and I have had to move house which was the hugest upheaval plus exceedingly busy at work.  Followed by the absolute joy that was Nine Worlds.  I’ve been thinking and I need to shake the blog up a little bit again.

How I’m not one hundred percent sure but I’m going to make it a bit more vibrant and be a bit more varied in what I do here.  Basically watch this space for some changes over the coming weeks.

Look out for the long overdue review of Lords and Ladies, Maskerade and Carpe Jugulum as well as my nineworlds post and other exciting nuggets.

As Granny Weatherwax said, I aten’t dead.

Jane’s Great Re-read: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – the verdict

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As I previously mentioned Chamber of Secrets was always my least favourite of the series and I think my memory let me down a bit with this. This is a good thing because it was much much better than I remember. I think there are parts to this story that really don’t make sense until you read The Half-Blood Prince and that’s okay but it feels a little bit foggy in places.

I think part of the issue is that my memories of the book are tainted by the film adaptation. Dobby is far less annoying in the book than he is in the film. The humour is far more evident in the books and there is a lot of funny moments which I had a real joy in rediscovering.

So without further ado: five things about Chamber of Secrets.

  1. Valentine’s Day specifically the teacher’s reactions to the hideous pinkness of it all.
  2. Dobby: Better you be sent home grieviously injured than dead.
  3. Arthur Weasley being more concerned with how the flying Ford Anglia flew rather than Fred, George and Ron borrowing it.
  4. The headless Hunt
  5. “Never trust anything where you cannot see where it keeps it’s brain.”