Ham4hanI am beyond excited. This evening I am headed to Victoria to see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace.

I completely fell in love with the sound track when it came out and I’ve listened to it on repeat for months. In fact listening to Hamilton got me through some very tough projects when I worked in a school. Ugly crying at my desk as I listened to act two. It sounds depressing but it worked.

Tonight I will go to the room where it happens and with any like the cast will blow us all away.

I fully expect to sob through act 2.

Bring it.

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky – a Squee post.

Its rare that I feel compelled to write about something I’m reading before I’ve finished reading it but Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time has crawled under my skin and it is preying on my mind so I need to tell you all why. Continue reading