Jane’s Great Re-Read: Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett – a review

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Carpe Jugulum is the last of the first wave of witches novels.  This time GRanny and the rest of the Lancre coven are faced with invading vampires from Uberwald.

017a31d85ebdea8b7795cde95b6333ae7327c5f88bThere are now four witches in Lancre, Granny, Nanny Magrat and Agnes but covens work best with three, you know: the maiden, the mother and the other one.  A lot of this novel is about how roles change over time and what its like to feel out of place in the world.  Magrat has given birth to a daughter and is keeping the name secret until the naming ceremony.  King Verence has summoned an Omnian Priest and sent invitations out to other kingdoms.  Of course vampires love to get invited into places, but when a King does it the whole Kingdom is at stake. (I am really pleased with that pun)

My reservations are that the witches novels do feel a little bit formulaic at this point.  That said it is crammed full of puns and jokes and footnotes that I love.  I love the ideas of the vampires trying new ideas.

Agnes is brilliant in this novel because she is resistant the vampiric mind control. He second thoughts provided by Perdita are vicious and I love that Anges is generally nice but Perdita is much more assertive and vociferous. She teams up with Mighty Oates (the Omnian priest who can’t make up his mind about what he believes in)

There are some fantastic ideas like the gnarly ground, which is highly magical and changes depending on how you are feeling as you traverse it.  Vampires trying to fit by wearing colourful clothes and going by mundane names.

As with all Pratchett novels it is a romp.  The pacing is breakneck speed and there is a lot of drama, well Granny Weatherwax does have impeccable timing.  I love how there is ambiguity in the coven roles in this one.  Agnes assumes the maiden position and Magrat who is a new mother is now able to surprise Nanny Ogg with her more colourful jokes.  Nanny finds herself pushed into the role of Crone and where does that leave Granny?  That’s one of the central themes is the change and getting older.  Granny isn’t ready to conform just yet.

 This is where I am leaving my Discworld re-read for the moment.  I have so much affection for the witches.  Granny Weatherwax remains my hero and I still feel a strong kinship with Agnes Nitt.  My appreciation for Magrat and Nanny Ogg has deepened and as always, Greebo is my favourite cat in literature.

I’m currently reading The Shepherd’s Crown which is the final Discworld novel and coincidentally features the witches. I will be posting a reaction to it once I’ve finished it.

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Rolling Dice in Anger

Heromeet takes place in bar uno at Bangor university it is part games soc reunion part games fest.  I’d been invited to go along by friends who are long time gamers, we boardgame with them quite regularly and had been told that we would be very welcome to join them at this meet.

Friday night was spent playing board games, Ticket To Ride, Seven Wonders at least that’s all that I remember playing there was a lot of general catching up with folks we knew and general merriment.

But Saturday was mainly taken up with playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Oh my freaking squee. Its worth pointing out at this point that I’ve not played ADnD or any RPG for that matter for more than 15 years.  I got adopted into the Games Society at University in Freshers week, they were my people even though I didn’t know it at that point.  All I really knew was that the other girls in my flat had taken against me for no reason that I could fathom and the guys in the games soc were friendly a couple of them were rather cute and they were more fun to hang out with and they were more than happy to have me hang out with them even though I knew very little of table top RPGS or running around with rubber weapons although that would change.

So playing some ADnD at the weekend was pretty freaking cool.  I played a warrior whom I named Catlyn and all was well with the world.  I have missed rolling dice in anger.  I have missed the shared storytelling, the stupidly funny situations which are only funny to your party because you really had to have been there.  I may have bugged the DM afterwards to run us another session in the not too distant future.

There are Role Playing groups out there, but they are all very established and I dont’ have the guts/gall to approach and say, hey can I play and the reasons for that are many.  It always was very much a male hobby.  Or at least the groups I played with were.  When I broke up with my first boyfriend post uni that was pretty much me out of Role playing.  So I’ve been out of the hobby for years.  Lately I’m aware of male friends who have a regular group but when I asked about maybe popping by I was told that the group would probably not be a good fit for me it being very laddish and bantery.

I’ve never had the confidence to run my own games I don’t know enough, they get pretty technical and I wouldn’t want to screw things up for people being a GM is a difficult job. But after this weekend I have hope.  I am going to prod my friend who ran the session and see if he’ll make it a more regular thing. I’ve missed it and I want to play some more.

Here we go again.

Things have been rather busy the last couple of months.  My partner and I have had to move house which was the hugest upheaval plus exceedingly busy at work.  Followed by the absolute joy that was Nine Worlds.  I’ve been thinking and I need to shake the blog up a little bit again.

How I’m not one hundred percent sure but I’m going to make it a bit more vibrant and be a bit more varied in what I do here.  Basically watch this space for some changes over the coming weeks.

Look out for the long overdue review of Lords and Ladies, Maskerade and Carpe Jugulum as well as my nineworlds post and other exciting nuggets.

As Granny Weatherwax said, I aten’t dead.