Bat Out of Hell – the Musical


I am dying from how ridiculous this musical is. Currently playing at the Dominion (spiritual home of  the rock jukebox musical) Bat out of Hell is an attempt to make a narrative out of the three Bat out of Hell albums.  It’s post apocalyptic dystopian totalitarian and its ridiculous fun.

We saw alternate Strat Jordan Luke Gage who was just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Lithe with one hell of a voice and my own personal cat nip eyeliner…. 

Raven was played by alternate Georgia Carling and she was lovely in the role, but the character is a bit non-descript.

The story was utter bobbins futuristic dystopia with mutant teenagers who will never get old fighting against the privileged few.  Why there was this conflict it was never really explained.  Likewise there were a number of plot points which really didn’t make sense.

I wasn’t really there for the story, I was there for the songs and the spectacle and it had those in spades.  

Danielle Steers was incredible as Zahara.  Her voice was just phenomenal you don’t hear many Altos and she just owned the stage every time she had a moment.  She had some moves too.  I also Rob Fowler as Falco and Sharon Sexton as Sloane were brilliant giving us an amazing Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

There was some interesting choices there often was a live video feed projected onto elements of the stage which was interesting but I’m not sure it worked when there were times where the camera operatives masked the action to the audience.  Likewise there were moments where the cast were masking each other and this just felt like something that was basic and should never happen.

That said other special effects ranged from utterly stunning, to completely surprising to beautiful and enjoyable.

Its certainly more than worth a watch, even with its flaws I bloody loved it.

One thought on “Bat Out of Hell – the Musical

  1. I truly think there isn’t anyone who really watches it for the plot. I had the same „problem“ both times I saw it. The first time i tried to concentrate on the plot, but there are too many plot holes and also the enormity of the music prevents it. And it doesn’t really matter. I talked about this a bit in my own review. The cast is brilliant however!

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