Prince of Lies – A review

prince of liesOver the last couple of years every now and again I read a book by Anne Lyle and I always feel that I should be reading more of her.

I’ve just finished her marvellous Night Masque trilogy with the Prince of Lies and it has been such an enjoyable one to read.

In Prince of Lies Mal, is thrust once again into intrigue and magic as the Guisers attempt to take over England.

The third part of the novel is as pacey as the first two and I don’t think I will ever be over Mal as a character.  I loved this trilogy because even though its alt history it feels authentic.

One thing I did miss was the skrayling invovement in this novel as it really was confined to a couple of pasages but the action and the threat always felt real and I was quite desperate to know what was going to happen.

The characters were well drawn, Ned and Gabriel forever, I’d read short stories about them getting into scrapes and being adorable together for days.

I know that Anne is working on her new book and I look forward to reading that when it comes out. More people should be reading her she writes wonderful stories and I really think she’s one who goes under the radar a little bit.

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