Knights of the Rose

IMG_7227Knights of the Rose should have been terrible. On paper it sounds as cheesy as anything. It ticks several of my pet hate boxes. Its a jukebox musical rock songs wanged into a quasi mediaeval story and yet this show won me over quite completely.

It opens with the Knights returning back to their kingdom after battles and they are there in their bedazzled armour and post apocalyptic haircuts and there was was some choreography with swords which made me giggle rather than get behind the cast and then something quite unexpected happened.  The book was far cleverer and the story much more compelling than it had any right being.

THe cast were excellent selling the story and they really sold it committed to the narrative and I think its that which stopped it being the biggest cheese fest in the worked.

The script with very inventive.  It references Shakespeare, poets and other writers and it makes unexpected turns all along the way and believe me when I say no character is what he/she appears or is safe.

I loved the second act battle sequence – this is a tiny company. About 12 in total and they didn’t lack in sound  or commitment.

The set was a bit wobbly and the wigs were cheap but it kind of added to the charm of Knights of the Rose.  I was enchanted by it not least for turns the story took which defied expectations every step of the way.

Some excellent voices and whilst I would have loved it more with an original score, it certainly entertained with some interesting arrangements of rock classics.  ALongside some fold and a couple of flirtations with opera.

I am considering going to see it again.

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