IMG_7225I went to see this at the Savoy and it was a a slick and entertaining production. The musical is really a vehicle for the female characters and by and large it is Effie who get’s the ‘big’ songs.

I saw Moya Angela as Effie and she killed it.  Her version of And I am telling you I’m not going was beyond incredible. A spinetingling heart wrenching literal showstopper. Ovations happen a lot these days but not in the middle of a show. This was real and so deserved.  Other stand out tracks for me One Night Only both the slow and disco versions.

The rest of the show, the storyline is simple and contrived, though slick in its execution.  Some nice tricks to convey performance and backstage.  It felt like there was a large contingent in who knew the show well and were almost anticipating some elements but it meant that the audience was lively and engaged with the performances.

A highly enjoyable piece of musical theatre and while specific performances were phenomenal overall I was left a little cold. Nothing wrong with the production it was loved by the audience, it just didn’t really deliver enough for me.

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