I can’t stop thinking about Hamilton.  I cannot stop thinking about Hamilton.  I mean the show is some next level musical theatre right there. I already knew it was incredible I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for a few years now… but having seen it… there are words and hopefully I will be able to be coherent in my thoughts.

First off I saw Ash Hunter as Alexander Hamilton and Sifiso Mazibuko as Aaron Burr both of whom are the alternates and they were both outstanding.  Ash  Hunter really brought the emotion to the piece and Sifiso Mazibuko makes a compelling Burr.

The soundtrack has been a constant companion for me.  It has taken over my brain and there has been weeks where various snippets of lyrics have circled around my brain.  Seeing the action along side brings everything to life.  I loved the pace of the show, the choreography was exquisite and thus I am rendered utter trash for this show. I was not emotionally prepared for how big the sound would be.  How much more life there is in the score the harmonies just gave me chills and my socks were very much knocked off. 

I need to talk about Jason Pennycooke as Lafayette/Jefferson was a standout for me. In the first act as Lafayette he reminded me of a cross between Prince and the Cat from Red Dwarf. In fact the contrasts between Mulligan/Maddison and Laurens/Philip mean the actors  really have to be capable of range. I love Mulligan as a character and Tarinn Callender steals every scene he’s in as him. And Cleve September as Laurens is just the prettiest.ROOMWHEREITHAPPENS

The Schyler sisters are a  force to be reckoned with.  All have incredible voices.  Rachel John’s voice is this huge beautiful sound that I could listen to for days and Rachelle Ann Go as Eliza is incredible she is so petite it is such a surprise that her voice is so big and yes. my trigger for sobbing my heart out is still Can I tell you what I’m proudest of.

I think my favourite vocals came from Obioma Ugoala as Washington because his baritone is just perfection.  Teach them how to say goodbye is one of my favourite tracks and his version was just gorgeous. 

Basically Hamilton owns my soul.  I will be going back to see it as soon as I can.  Next time in seats that I can see the whole stage from and my ambition is to see Jamael Westman as Hamilton. 


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