Jane’s Great Re-Read Harry Potter

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And so the great re-read is kicking off with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  This series of books is my ultimate comfort read.  I am imagining slipping my feet into warmed slippers as I open my beaten up copy of Philosopher’s Stone for what could well be the tenth time.


My Copy of Philosopher’s Stone from 2000

So here it is.  Well thumbed and yellowing with age.  It smells of  Suncream and a misspent youth.

Harry Potter was the first fandom I participated in.  I loved theorising what would happen.  I found the books just before they exploded into ubiquity I was recommended by a friend and I can remember feeling a bit snobby about reading a Children’s book but they story took me and I loved it.

Re-reading I am looking forward to the story seducing me and I’ll be doing a reaction post for each of the books in the series.


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