Jane’s Great Re-read

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Look at the sexy logo.  Do you like it?  Designed by the fabulous @_BabydollNikki_ on twitter.

Jane’s Great Re-read is happening.  I am in the process of choosing a selection of books each month that I want to enjoy again.

I’ve already picked which series I want to revisit first.  I’ve been needing to re-read this like an ache in my side and it is the Harry Potter series.  I’ve not touched the series since reading Deathly Hallows and I’ve missed the world and I want to go back to it.  I need the familiarity of Hogwarts right now.  Harry Potter books were a great comfort for me during the tumultuous times that were my twenties.

I’ll make some mini posts for each book and if you fancy joining me in reading some of these books I’d look forward to reminiscing with some of you here or on twitter.

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